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Browser Incompatibility

If you are using an older browser version such as Internet Explorer 7 to view pages on this site you may have encountered an error similar to what's shown here. (Internet Explorer (IE) is installed automatically on all Windows-based computers.)

Internet Explorer error

This is likely due to incompatibility between the security software we use to ensure the safety of your online information and the software used by such older browsers.

If you encounter this error, we strongly recommend that you upgrade your browser version or switch to a different browser. We recommend using one of the following browser versions with this site. (You can check your browser version by clicking on the "About" link found either on the Help menu or under Settings.)

Follow the upgrade link to upgrade your browser version or follow the install link to install a different browser.

BrowserEarliest compatible
Compatible operating
Upgrade linkInstall link
Internet Explorerversion 11Windows 7 and laterUpgrade IEInstall IE
Google Chromeversion 30Windows XP and laterUpgrade ChromeInstall Chrome
Mozilla Firefoxversion 27Windows XP and laterUpgrade FirefoxInstall Firefox
Operaversion 17Windows XP and laterUpgrade OperaInstall Opera
Apple Safariversion 7OS X 10.9 and laterUpgrade SafariInstall Safari

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