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Laura Stamm Clinic Information

4 – 6 Hours On-Ice

Maneuvers Covered:

  • Balance
  • Forward/Backward Stride
  • Crossovers
  • Explosive Starts/Stops
  • Speed with Pucks
  • Resistance Drills

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Advanced Clinic
8 - 10 Hours On-Ice
For Travel Players that have already completed a Laura Stamm Program.

Advanced Maneuvers Covered:

  • Tight Turns at high rates of speed
  • Change of Speed Moves
  • Advanced Agility Moves
  • Increased use of puck with all maneuvers

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Super Clinic
7 – 10 Hours On-Ice

Maneuvers Covered in addition to Clinics:

  • Lateral Mobility
  • Turns and Transitions
  • Agility Moves with pucks
  • Angling
  • Video Analysis (select programs only)

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7 - 9 Hours On-Ice
  • Intensive, individualized training for high level players
  • Individual Video Analysis

  • Select: High Level Pee-Wee and Up
    (AA & AAA ONLY)
    20 Players Max
  • Elite: Varsity HS, Junior, Prep, College & Pro Players
    (15 years old and Up)
    16 Players Max

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